Business Law & Litigation

Your Business Is Our Business

With a long and storied history of practicing business law in Charleston, SC, Smith Closser can advocate on your behalf in all business-related matters and help protect your bottom line. We’re proud to serve businesses of all sizes, from small individually owned service-based companies and closely held corporations to growing non-profits and large, national corporations.

The needs of our business law clients vary greatly. Some of our clients need assistance with setting up or dissolving a business. Others need help in drafting, negotiating or modifying contracts. Many clients need guidance on the laws that govern their organization, while still others are facing litigation and need a team of seasoned business attorneys to represent them in state or federal court.

Our history of practicing business law has been focused primarily on the construction, real estate and property management industries, but we’re fully capable of supporting you with a variety of business law and litigation services, no matter which industry you serve. Best of all, because of our experience, we can expedite the legal services we provide, delivering faster turnaround times and lower costs.

Starting a New Business

If you are forming a new business, we can help you at every stage of the process, including the preparation and filing of all paperwork with the Secretary of State, holding corporate meetings and completing corporate books and records, as well as obtaining and registering corporate names and securing protection for trade and business names. Our attorneys have also worked with the applicable agencies to ensure that your business is properly licensed and authorized to conduct its business.

The Benefits of Business Litigation Attorneys

Sometimes business as usual doesn’t go as usual. During these times, it helps to have an advocate who understands all aspects of business law. We have decades of experience in managing complex business matters, everything from defending contract claims to resolving disputes between shareholders or members. We’ve helped clients navigate wide-ranging business issues involving accounting, ownership interests or distributions, fiduciary concerns, conflicts of interest, business dissolution, dissociation or wrongful expulsion. Contact us for complete details.


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Whether you’re starting a new business, facing legal trouble or simply navigating the issues that arise during the course of conducting business, we’re here to help you with a wide variety of business-related legal services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Forming a new business and filing all appropriate paperwork
  • Drafting detailed operating or shareholders’ agreements
  • Developing asset purchase agreements
  • Drafting, negotiating or modifying contracts
  • Writing employment contracts and covenants not to compete
  • Resolving complex disputes and defending contract claims
  • Providing accurate, practical advice in business-related matters
  • Performing various types of business transactional work
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