General Litigation

Advocating on Your Behalf

How do you limit liability exposure? How do you avoid legal actions against you or your business? If you’re already facing litigation, how do you produce a favorable outcome, whether you settle it, fight it or resolve it through mediation or arbitration? When it comes to general litigation matters, we can help you answer these and other important questions.

Among the most frequent types of cases we handle relate to business disputes, construction litigation, real estate-related matters, insurance coverage and defense, professional negligence and employment law, but we can represent you in a variety of general litigation matters.

We believe that being proactive and forward-thinking is often the best approach when it comes to avoiding litigation. We have worked especially closely with our construction and corporate clients in the creation of policies, procedures and systems that are designed to help prevent future legal problems. These measures can take a variety of forms, including contract review, modification and negotiation, as well as the ensuring of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

A Word About Complex Litigation

The term complex litigation is usually applied to big, complicated cases that involve multiple parties, large dollar amounts or elaborate legal theories. Our attorneys have tried a number of complex litigation matters in both the state and federal courts – cases involving construction matters, insurance coverage issues and difficult corporate questions. Our attorneys have also taken these cases to the South Carolina Court of Appeals and South Carolina Supreme Court, whether to correct an error of law made at the trial or to uphold a correct ruling.

Alternatives to Litigation

We realize that taking a case to trial is not the only option available but rather one of many options along the litigation path. We take the time to weigh all strategies available and communicate those strategies to you throughout the process. Even in cases where settlement may be the best strategy, we prepare the case for trial, only repositioning the case for settlement as needed. We can also explore a number of mediation and arbitration options when and where it makes sense. Contact us today to learn more.


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At Smith Closser, we’re equipped to handle a wide variety of general litigation matters that extend beyond our most common practice areas.

These types of cases typically come about in one of two ways. Oftentimes clients are referred to us, where we are asked to review a particular situation and provide counsel based on our assessment. In other instances, our existing clients may have issues that arise which fall outside of our realm of expertise.

In both instances, even if the matter doesn’t perfectly align with the types of law we practice on a day-to-day basis, we may still be able to help. Our attorneys have broad and varied experience and have tried cases in both state and federal courts, as well as sought alternative dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration hearings.

Moreover, we can research any related state and/or federal statutes and advise you on next steps, whether that means representing you or referring you to an attorney who specializes in the area where you need counsel.

Whatever the case, we are always willing to sit down with you and discuss your situation. If we’re not the best fit for you, we will tell you, and we’re happy to refer you to another attorney or law firm that’s better suited to your needs.