Resolving Disputes Another Way

Arbitration and mediation are increasingly used to resolve disputed matters through faster and more cost-effective means than trial. In an arbitration proceeding, the parties present their case to a neutral, third-party arbitrator, who renders a decision on the merits – much the same way a judge or jury would render a decision.

In mediation, a neutral mediator works with the parties to help them resolve their differences outside the courtroom and without the need for a trial. Many contracts require arbitration, and South Carolina requires that the parties to a case go through mediation before proceeding to trial.

Smith Closser has extensive experience in both arenas, and our attorneys have represented a number of clients in arbitration and mediation proceedings, ranging from short hearings to multi-day arbitration trials and negotiations.

Mediation Attorney in Charleston, SC

Attorney and firm partner Zachary J. Closser holds the Board of Arbitrator and Mediator Certification through the South Carolina Bar. He has mediated a wide variety of cases and is fully capable of helping you resolve disputes through alternative means. To learn more about our mediation and arbitration services or schedule a mediation, please complete the form or call 843-760-0220 today.


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